Custom-Built Two, & Three-Yard Mixers
The Future of Concrete Delivery
I wanted to do this for a comparrison.

On the left is the 1989 F450 Super Duty 2 yard concrete mixer. 

On the right is an F450 Tow truck Super Duty.

Same size and suspensions.

On the left  is the old corkscrew inside the 2 yard  mixer drum.

On the right is the new design and version.

The new drum is 3/16 Abrasive resistant steel throughout.

On the left is the old style mixer,

On the right is the new design and version.

This is perhaps the biggest and best change.

The older version had a chain operated drive unit.

On the right is the new design and version.
We are using a  Auburn Gear drive unit.
I bought this mini mixer to pour sidewalks, small slabs, cool decking around swimming pools, fill post holes etc..... I was tired of paying the big concrete companies a short load charge for ordering to little concrete. Around here in New York that charge can be the price of a yard of concrete. The savings from not paying the short load charge literally paid for the truck.

The 2 yard Mini Max Concrete  mixer is perfect for many reasons. The weight alone allows you to drive it where ever you need to go. I drove on driveways, sidewalks and peoples back yards with out any problem of cracking or breaking the concrete of black top.

Take out one section of 8 foot wide fencing and drive the MiniMax 2 Yard Mixer right through. It is no wider than a tow truck but is longer. The skid unit that attaches to the back is just over 10 foot.

The MiniMax 2 Yard Concrete Mixer is a fully functional Mini Concrete Truck. Self contained with a 24 HP pony motor to run the hydraulics or use your pump that runs off the engine as long as it kicks out a minimum of 3500 PSI.

The unigue design of the Drum is like no other small mixer. It is 3/16 Abrasive Resistant steel throughout, a man way to get inside to clean. The Corkscrew delivery system guarantees full discharge of all the concrete and aggregate in the drum. The hydraulics spin the drum forward and reverse for mixing and discharging with up to 18 rotations per minute, at variable rates of speed.

The fully functional hydraulic chute system, and a 55 gallon water tank with hose for adding water to the mix and spraying down the equipment. 

This is the Future in Concrete Delivery, no longer do you have to be slaves to Big Concrete.

Are you tired of this happening to you?
Trying to save a few bucks by renting one of these concrete mixer trailers and an inexperienced driver can't back it up correctly and runs it into a ditch?  Now you have a yard or two of concrete sitting in the trailer while you wait for a tow truck to pull it out?

You need a MiniMax II, 2 Yard Mini Concrete Mixer for your small deliveries.

These trailers were a good idea but their time is past. Now you can have a MiniMaxII fully functional mini concrete truck that you can drive right up to your job, reverse the drum and discharge the concrete vs dumping the concrete from a trailer with no control of the flow.

MiniMax ConcreteThe Future in Concrete Delivery!

Manufacturers of two yard concrete  mixers
Investment opportunities  [email protected] 

The Original 2 Yard Mixer Truck

With the interest in these mixers increasing, I wanted to 
give you a brief history of the idea and show you the 
original truck.
Manufacturers of two yard concrete mixers
This truck is a Canadian Built F-450 with a two yard mixer 
mounted on the back.
This is a You Tube clip of it in action.

The unit is a self-contained concrete mixer complete; Drum has double corkscrew with reverse-discharge operation, planetary gear reduced drive, hydraulic drive system powered by 24 HP V Twin Honda engine, or other as specified and quoted, self-contained water system for slump control and wash down. It is equipped with chute assembly for positioning wet concrete and the unit is capable of agitating and transporting concrete at a reasonable slump. Operator controls are situated on the rear of the unit for constant drum speed and direction. The drum is capable of 15 RPM in both directions.

The hydraulics are state of the art, designed exclusively for our mixer units, using a top of the line Sauer Pump and a Comer or Auburn Planetary Gearbox with speed controls.

The 65 gallon water tank is powered by an inline 12-volt pump rated at 50 psi made by FLOJET .

Extension chute for charge hopper for use at large batch plants and a variation on a ladder; optional at additional charge
Whale's Tail for loading with a bobcat, 
front-end loader or backhoe;
optional at additional charge
Standard Equipment
Hydraulic system powered by Comer or Auburn Gearboxes 
24 HP V-Twin Honda on 2 and 3-Yards;
14 HP Kohler on 1-Yard
Simple control box for forward and reverse, reverse-discharge
65-gallon water tank
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One 5' Main chute; One 3' Extension chute (not shown)